Chronicle Every Moment on Your Journey to Saying
“I Do”!


It’s your DAY – the day to celebrate your love; the day to start your new life; the day to step into moments of twinkling joy; the day to enjoy delightful moments with your loved ones. Would you like your BIG day turn into something GRAND? Something exceptional? Something out-of-the-box?

You get it!

Let me ask you something: “Are you engaged and currently planning your wedding?”

If so, a definite congratulations is in order!

After all, your wedding day is a huge milestone in your life. Many times it is a culmination of dreams you’ve carried from the time you were a little girl; and it may have even been a bright beam of light that kept you hoping through even the worst of relationships. The hope of the white dress, the laced veil, the elegant decorations, the beautiful bouquet you carry down the aisle, and that final moment where you and your sweetheart finally kiss as husband and wife, it has been earned.

“You deserve every breathtaking moment and every unforgettable detail.”

Your whole life has been leading up to this day.

And because the magnitude of this event is stratospheric, every moment should be chronicled, from your engagement to the after party. Many times the bride-to-be is so focused on everything that needs to be done in preparation for her special day that it passes by her in a flash. And before she knows it, the special day has gone and passed, with the only proof of her special day happening found in photos and maybe a choppy home video.

Don’t let this happen to you!

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We at Bride Wedding Journal offer affordable, eye catching wedding tracking journals so that every step of the process is captured and never forgotten.

Our tracking journals allow you to not only experience your wedding for one day but to look back on the steps that led to your “I do.” You will get to see the struggles, the successes, and everything in between. And with you being the author, your connection to the process will never feel like a dream. You will always have those words. You will always have the details and the way each step made you feel.

We don’t want to sound presumptuous, but photos and a video simply don’t do justice to the culmination of a lifelong dream. The eventual detachment you will feel from the whole process can tarnish the memory of your day and even cheapen its meaning. This should never happen to you!

· It’s time to wear your glasses of optimism, love, friendship, care, and gratitude and add some more sparkle to your wedding planning with our amazing journals.

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· Whether you prefer ballpoint or fountain pens, or even markers, you don’t have to worry about your notes bleeding through to the other page. We offer top quality journals.

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In one word – “Absolutely”!

I understand your skepticism. You might have tried a few diaries and planners. Far too many people offer the solution without knowing the basics. They claim this and that, when, in reality, they don’t know half enough about “this” or “that” to give any real help. Our journals are designed only for brides - to bring a journal with you wherever you go, saying goodbye to the usual bulky, oversized options offered.

It’s time to plan your wedding “Your Way”! It’s time to show the “REAL YOU”!

We want you to cherish every moment! We want you to connect with your wedding plans.

We want you to start your journey with our beautiful tracking journal.

Isn’t it the right time you sharpened your “Let’s get this done” muscles?

All you need to do is to become a part of something great. This isn’t only about planning your wedding; this is about loving every single detail of your BIG DAY!

There is something special and entirely unique about a chronicling of the entire process written in the bride-to-be’s own words. When you have a tracking journal for your wedding, you have a piece of your history to cherish for the rest of your life, because after the dust has settled and the wedding bells have turned into a few years of anniversaries, your wedding day will begin to feel like nothing more than a wonderful dream. And though the photos and video will help you reconnect with that day, they only scratch the surface.

You owe this to yourself. You owe this to your dream. Treat it as the momentous and beautiful occasion it is.

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Be the touchstone to your new, better and organized life!

Don’t only take our words for it. Let the glowing reviews from brides who have used our amazing tracking journals convince you that our product is different! And different means one thing: it works!

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Journaling...From Your Head to Your Hand to Your Heart!

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